After a decade of living in New York, I finally got a chance to see a Shakespeare in the Park performance. It was “King Lear,” which I read as a teenager for the first time but had never seen it acted. What a magnificent performance and an electric evening.
The first coupe of paragraphs from the program really resonated with me:
"For over half a century, The Public has been producing free Shakespeare in Central Park, and it has become one of the great cultural traditions of New York City. The Delacorte is the most beautiful theater in America, set in the middle of the greatest park in our country; the artists are the best America has to offer; the playwright isn’t bad, either.
But all of those things wouldn’t matter half as much if we weren’t offering them up for free. Shakespeare in the Park embodies the belief that the culture belongs to everyone, that it is a birthright, not a privilege for those who can afford it…”